I wrote this song when I first met my wife in 2012.  We had only been on two dates but I was madly in love and needed a way to channel that feeling.  I told myself I would play her this new tune a year down the road when it was more obvious that we both were in love.  As it so happened, the next time I saw her, on our third date, we were exchanging songs.  I had a strong intuition I should play her "The Boldest, Cutest, Most Romantic Third Date Love Song Ever!!" and so I did.  It was just what she needed to hear.  We've been together ever since.  

Previous Releases

Bridges of Song is a Jewgrass Nigun album.  It was first dreamed of on a beautiful mountain retreat with a group of friends in Estes Park, Colorado, in February 2012. This music is born out of the meeting place between Hassidic melodies, bluegrass, and contemporary Western spirituality. It features traditional and original wordless melodies called niggunim, all played with bluegrass instrumentation. 


The tunes are best enjoyed while dancing or singing along - though sitting back and listening or playing them in the background is also good :) 

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